How it works

Ccoin Network – powered by SourceLess Blockchain

Ccoin Network, Fintech ecosystem, based on Ethereum Blockchain, as token-type ERC20, will migrate by Q4 2021 to SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain, as cryptocurency.

The core of the fintech, has the purpose of canceling all the fee’s and other costs that are inevitable in any financial – valued transaction, and to bring “easiness on using” any FIAT-crypto-FIAT operations for anyone that will use our services.

How SourceLess Blockchain works

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

Multi-asset Blockchain, supporting all other Blockchains operations, with AI-builded solutions designed to support.

SourceLess Blockchain is created as an all-in-one community blockchain, property of SourceLess INC, wich will be shared to all our members (Ccoin Network’s members), with 63M shares, that will all be distributed along with the ccos tokens.

Major facts about SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain:

  • AI programming-on blockchain, supporting multy programing languages (GPT-3 and similar).
  • Cross-blockchain-operability- all blockchain supported.
  • Fully-enabled-democratic governance.
  • Internal exchange-permitting almost-instant confirmations.
  • Instant-token creations with exchange listing, ready to use (buy and sell).
  • New “www-internet addressing”-domains and hosting – Free Web for All! – concept.