adapting to 2022 roadmap

Preparing for CCOS migration to Sourceless Blockchain
(Q1-Q2: 2022)

The Ccoin Network vision of the future is structured in several main ideas.
We plant an idea, a code, and we make an effort to develop and complete everything we set out to do.

Our roadmap is a flexible planning technique to support strategic and long-range planning, by matching short-term and long-term goals.
Below you will find the roadmap proposed by us and which we strive to honor.


2020 -Q4- Ccoin Network architecture


2021 -Q2- Ccoin Network / CCOS token DEX listing

2021 -Q2- Str.domain – pre-registration – using CCOS token

2021 -Q3- Str.domain – web / SourceLess Blockchain +MVP

2021 -Q4- Ccoin Network – Team + Advisors public meet-up

2021 -Q4- – personal (pre-registration using CCOS token)
          – business (pre-registration using CCOS token)
                   auction – categories / brands / premium / demands opened (using CCOS token)
                   Affiliates+Partners – contracting


2022 -Q1- Ccoin Network Testnet
                    Live auction – categories + premium + brands (using CCOS token)
           – DEX + migration CCOS
                    Ccoin – Branded Visa card pre-registration
                    Browser Testing (Sourceless using CCOS token)
                    Announcing CEX listing (7 major CEX platforms)

2022 -Q2- CCOS (Ccoin Network ERC20) migration to Native Blockchain cryptocurrencies
                    Ccoin Network and Sourceless Blockchain Main Net Launch event
                    Partners and Affiliates Tokenization
                    DEX Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

2022 Q3- GPT-3 (Codex+Davinci), Formwelt AI
                  Sourceless Blockchain – native software
                  Smart contracts – implementation


2023 -Q1- Sourceless Inc. – preparing for Nasdaq +others / stock market listing

Next Q – Updating… work in progress!