Ccoin Network & SourceLess Blockchain

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Ccoin Network and SourceLess Blockchain

LightPaper – Business edition (business-oriented views)


I. a) Definition
Ccoin Network is a fintech system based on blockchain technology having as main attributions the transfers of money p2p, p2p and b2b, to the quality the taxes trading but also to be able to offer discounts of 2.5% – 5% on the use of the Visa card type issued under the Ccoin Network logo but also the discount applied to the use of the Ccoin Network POS.

Ccoin Network’s motto and the basis of the fintech ecosystem: money sent = money received.

• Ccoin Network / CCOS Amount issued: 63,000,000 CCOS
• Maximum amount in the market: 21,000,000 CCOS (update on 15.07.2021)
• Amount used by CCoin Network Fintech – blocked and available only for payments, transfers, etc. is: 42 000 000 CCOS

I. b) Finance
b1) Merchant / Payment Portal through Ccoin Network
Companies can choose from two collaboration options: affiliate or partner.

Ccoin Network can be used for online payments as well as for physical payments through the Ccoin Network POS, or by using online applications for Android, iOS or partner digital wallets (Metamask, Trust Wallet,

When accepting payments through Ccoin Network, more than 100 types of cryptocurrencies by debit card or credit adjacent services from third parties such as Paypoint mone, but also payments through type payment services (revolut, monese,, etc.). But it can also opt for international type bank transfers IBAN, SEPA or Swift.

Depending on the type of classic payment solution (at FIAT-Cryptomonede) time payment processing differs: whether to payments by card or other similar services which allow real-time confirmation, processing and purchase time is under one minute, including by payment to the Ccoin Network POS, to bank transfers, will be a trading time between 24 and 72 hours, required due to the limitations of this type of transfer.

b2) Classic payment acceptance systems vs Ccoin Network
The benefits of Ccoin Network are clear, easy to identify and understand, especially in the idea of the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide but also greater adoption of fintech banking services vs. traditional banking, due to the high costs of unjustified processing times for bureaucratic procedures cumbersome but also limitations that are often unjustifiably imposed.

Here I do not mean only banking systems and all other systems similar money transfer Western Union, Moneygram, Smith & Smith etc.
b3) Ccoin Network – financial fuel (crypto-fuel) From an economic point of view, a financial ecosystem cannot cancel costs generated by transactions the actual movement of values generates costs. They are applies to this day in all that means fiat money in the systems classic values transport, virtual or physical.

Through Ccoin Network, this becomes possible with the actual application in ccos cryptocurrency trading (at this time, ERC20 token, Ethereum, after July 15 migrated to the maturity and fullness of a cryptocurrency itself standing, on its own Blockchain).

The principle applied in Ccoin Network, is that in, the cryptocurrency is the fuel behind any traded value the value is given by itself the value of the cryptocurrency that it acquires by adopting and trading in the purpose of fulfilling the objective, that of canceling the generated costs. The July 15 migration to your own blockchain is necessary and vital to could manage and minimize the costs of moving values from one owner to another.

I. c) The technology applied on the Ccoin Network fintech
Considering today the difficulty of trading any cryptocurrency, from acquisition and exchange in fiat currency or vice versa, in cryptocurrency, as well as fluctuating price, enormous volatility, but also the need for knowledge in trading, or huge commissioners, we created the Ccoin Network ecosystem, what will manage transparently, predictably and securely any transaction that members they will want you, with the minimum of necessary knowledge.

Effectively, banking as a service (saas) and the blockchain ecosystem, merge for to fulfill the basic purpose of any cryptocurrency: benefits for the community. In Ccoin Network, members and users benefit from a platform – saas banking, which allows them to trade classical but also what with the help of cryptocurrencies a crypto currency exchange based on an integrated AI, necessary to reduces possible human errors or lack of knowledge in trading cryptocurrencies, from various issues such as choosing the best one price as well as the risk of volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

Through Ccoin Network, we can talk about price stability used in crypto trading in fiat currency, similar to trading a Stable coin.

I. d) Applicability and benefits for Business
We are talking about two categories of contract that Ccoin Network offers:
d1) Partnership Effectively your business, (regardless of the country of incorporation or the point can become a Ccoin Network partner through this form of contracting becomes a partner with 90% rights and benefits with those of the ecosystem mother.

Through partnership collaboration, the entity becomes a lifetime owner or of course until the end of the collaboration, of a SourceLess node, in which it can use the system, with Master rights and all the benefits generated in the Ecosystem, regardless of whether we are talking about the 2.5% – 5% discount type as well as the possibility issuance of co-branded cards but also the possibility of subcontracting the services offered by Ccoin Network and last but not least the earnings from Staking. This type of collaboration is not limited to the owners of a company or or it can be applied to any type of business, including in contracting the natural person or PFA.

d2) Affiliation
In affiliation, Coin Network fully manages the services: SourceLess Node, issuance of cards, possession of Pos, related wallets, are also held served by Ccoin Network, the customer as an affiliate has the benefits of payments uncommissioned, as well as the benefits brought as a volume to the capitalization of the currency / price increased in percentage, related to the amount traded through the affiliate (it is calculated price day 1 in which it enters into force – until day 30, when ccos / srccoin is remunerated to the affiliate).

II. SourceLess Blockchain

II. a) Definition SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain
Multi-property blockchain, cross-chained-multi-blockchain, public (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, etc.) and private (DLT) with support for adding (migrating or creating) tokens, trading through the integrated DEX.

Here are some of the attributes of the SourceLess Blockchain:
Cross-blockchain – transactions and data – allows read-write-authorization intra-blockchains.
Transactions in any blockchain can be done with minimal cost, and with the help Ccoin Network ecosystem can be completely cost – free (regardless of whether we are talking about BITCOIN, ETHEREUM or any other token or cryptocurrency) if they are made by CCOS as fuel.

The number of transactions increases exponentially through the direct delegation of nodes affiliates, but also blockchain hybridization (SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain) as a support autonomous in authorizing and confirming up to 100,000 transactions / second (TPS), comparable to VISA (24,000 transactions per second, the fastest processor in the world) this moment), and the crypto-ecosystem (Ripple – with 15000 transactions / second). Governance – autonomous, democratic – by the vote of the owners.

GPT-3 (construction) & Formwelt (communication and integration) AI – embedded in ARES (SourceLess Blockchain programming language – governed by AI).
What will make the implementation easy (as well as the construction of websites or applications) even for those without IT skills.

WEB from scratch with address mapping ( domain street ), addresses that will be used and in ease of trading (simple name to remember and use) but also for identity guarantee (KYC & AML).

Shared hosting for all users – both individual owners and business.
Web environment in which users have hybridized p2p connection but also hosting with self-balancing (space efficiency used is 90%) compared to current – 52% – resources are limited to 90%, with an instant need prepared in standby accessible by 10%, but also provides space lending for any member, this being directly rewarded with 90% of the value of the space; the remaining 10% being arranged in the blockchain master account and covers the costs of hybrid spaces (owned by SourceLess INC).

Carbon-free, environmentally friendly and resource-preserving, SourceLess Blockchain.

Internal merchant – built – allows acceptance for payment by cryptocurrencies or other payment methods (FIAT – fiat currency) to any holder or user of Ccoin Network & SourceLess Blockchain.

II. b) SourceLess Blockchain – up-blockchain financial ecosystem
• Applied on Ccoin Network (trading)
• SrCCoin / STR – short summary

We are talking about a fintech financial ecosystem, located in the ideal environment of of a fuel (ccos) that is appreciated, as the value, together with its adoption, as well as with increasing trading.

The Ccoin Network must be in the SourceLess ecosystem to be able to generate value and keep to a minimum the costs generated by the other cryptocurrencies, but also by the necessity of the transformation from cryptocurrency to fiduciary currency, at this moment, still vital in real life, but which, with adoption Cryptocurrencies globally will diminish it massively.

The SourceLess blockchain allows you to instantly generate any payment on the basis of your own cryptocurrency, namely SrCCoin, with the STR ticker, or any value transformations, through the integrated DEX, which will work through the STR fuel. Own currency, traded in the background of any property movement cryptocurrency, NFT, or any other form of valuable data, leads to full absorption of the costs generated.

SrCCoin / STR will have a quantity limited to 63 000 000 000 units, directly reflecting the parity with a CCoin – that of 1000 STR = 1 CCOS This is vital to be able to manage permanent transfers as well value – through CCoin Network and be able to offset and manage the costs generated in FIAT-CCOS-FIAT transactions, without requiring human corrections (full autonomy at value transfer).

II. c) Technology

1. Blockchain applied on classic business
Considering any type of business in the classic system, we can consider

Blockchain technology as ideal from several points of view:
Starting with the payments made, the solution is much more secure than current systems (Here we do not refer only to the data security part, which is unbeatable, in front any type of cyber attack but also security against possible fraudulent payments, these being totally eradicated, as well as the complete eradication of the possibility of theft of identity, as well as to guarantee the client’s creditworthiness, through transparency at level financial for all users of the ecosystem as well as the other benefits of security still guaranteed by the basics of the blockchain as a technology), costs enormously reduced compared to the classic systems, in the case of SourceLess and Ccoin Network they being zero; bureaucracy, reduced only to querying the blockchain; accounting automatic embedded in any blockchain / payment system of this type; availability snapshots of funds, both for the company and for the client; necessary time making any payment becomes incredibly small; human mistakes in making payments “Wrong” are zero; the preservation of values in the blockchain are guaranteed by themselves the existence of the blockchain.

2. Sourceless Hybrid Blockchain – applied to business
Web3 & IOT – via DLT and similar p2p services Torrent – client

I was referring to STR.Domains and Shared Hosting, this creates a new web environment, in which the owner has multiple benefits, especially as business: SourceLess Web provides you with an initial hosting space (required services as an initial expansion) of 100,000 Terrabytes, to guarantee support to all members who will register a domain type STR.domain, which will host websites similar to those in the current www, but also to provide software support, ARES, initially managed by GPT-3 AI and Formwelt AI. If in BETA period, 15 07 2021 – for 6/12 months the standardized migration of existing websites, after this period, the whole system will self-manage and will move on to the next step, to allow the migration of everyone in dedicated “containers” types of social media accounts, chats, or any such platform in The ALL-in-ONE provided by SourceLess Web, in which the sovereign government has it community, and the system is designed as an AI-learning DLT, based on blockchain (addressing – identification).

Effectively, each member and owner of a STR.domain address will be able to create an effective and www-based environment, we are not competing with www, but only we want to offer the benefits of a hybrid-decentralized system to every member who will he could also create any public window and manage it in one go page, all their social accounts or websites, easily (via ARES – GPT3-Formwelt), but also directly benefit from the reward for watching (permitted by it) to any advertisement (we consider the property on the environment generated in the domain, must return all benefits, not to the corporation, cat and to each member. In this sense, the confidentiality of the data is guaranteed, the member of the platform, being the only one who can decide in this respect.

IoT – in SourceLess Blockchain
In this sense, the network that is created, allows communication with any device with minimal processing but connected to the Internet; nodal map as master and that of slave, allows reading, checking and ordering data ideally, much of classical systems, being able to be adapted and connected in the ecosystem map, as a part ‘cellular’ in the DLL / SourceLess Blockchain.

In the SourceLess Roadmap we have some criteria, much diminished that we take into account, due to the direct needs and the necessary steps, to reaches the maturity of the Ccoin Network and SourceLess Blockchain ecosystems.

Ccoin Network Roadmap

Research and documentation
Market research and documentation
Ccoin Network
Q1-Q4 2016

Ccoin Network solution
Design and architecture: classic money transfer upgraded using blockchain
Q1 2017 – Q4 2019

Ethereum Blockchain vs SourceLess Blockchain
SourceLess Blockchain-Architecture
Ccoin Network – CCOS token
Q1-Q4 2020

Web Dev & Legal
Whitepaper & Roadmap
Private sale & Airdrop
Partners & Affiliates integration (contracting)
Interrupted due to CoVid Pandemic (June-December)
First Exchange listing, DEX listing
Q1 2021

Contracts & Terms and Conditions
Partners & Affiliates
SourceLess INC (63M shares) incorporation
Q2 2021

Ccoin.Uk all in one Ccoin Network web migration
Marketing Campaign and Web updates
Social Media campaign & Public meetings
Public Sale (15 March 2021 – 15 June 2021)
MVP on SourceLess Blockchain (owned)
SourceLess shares distribution (digital shares)
STR: Domain: Blockchain Web Registration
Q3 2021

Wallet & Blockchain Beta
Ccoin Wallet: online (web) / Windows / Android / Apple (IOS)
Blockchain Explorer
Network & ATM Transfer Beta test start (limited daily transfer)
Q4 2021

SourceLess Social Blockchain Beta
SourceLess STR: DOMAIN Beta
ATM Transfer Software Platform (testing)
Card distribution for private & public sale
GPT-3 Beta integration in SourceLess Blockchain
Q1-Q2 2022

Technical Updates & Web3
Full network power-up (testing)
Container Mode – Web automation AI for members
Q3 Q4 2022

Wallet Upgrade & Cryptocurrency Point of Sale
Full Network AI & SourceLessWeb AI integration Testing
Q1 2023

CcoinBank licensing & Banking Blockchain
Commonwealth of Dominica bank type license
Visa card upgrade for Ccoin Network dedicated membership
Q2 2023

Considering the applicability in the real world of classic business as well and needs, Ccoin Network and SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain are based on this moment on 3 companies:

The company behind the financial ecosystem Ccoin Network, which makes it possible implementation of payment solutions, but also of the commercial connections between the token CCoin Network – CCOS and the classic solutions is: Ccoin Company Ltd , incorporated in UK.

Blockchain’s holding company is SourceLess INC (corporate type C), incorporated in the USA, the state of Delaware.

The construction company is SourceLess Network SRL incorporated in Romania.

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